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The Green Bay Packers have gone through a series of uniform changes over the years, but they have consistently used the color yellow. Green and gold they are not just colors they are an acute representation of the community.

NFL is one of the most beloved American sports pastimes. Avid fans follow their favorite teams whether those teams win or lose. Many households plan their entire Sundays around football during the season, anticipating the next big play from high-profile team members. But, besides talent, what drives value for the NFL? The League is worth billions of dollars although the exact amount is not known.

Merchandising. NFL Hats, key chains, cups, socks, and particularly jerseys name just the surface of available NFL merchandise. In 2010, NFL merchandise sales reached $2.1 billion. Merchandising is one of the most effective revenue sources because the reach extends beyond the United States – a reach that is more difficult for other revenue sources such as ticket sales and venue revenue.

The NFL is the most watched, most attended, and most popular sport in terms of merchandise in USA, it is likely that the NFL will remain lucrative and retain its revenue resources including Jerseys sales.

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